Deutsche Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung

The DeZIM Institute evaluates measures against violence in refugee accommodations.

They needed a platform where these evaluations could be automatized and used on a large scale.

The responsible use of data in migration and integration research can help to improve the well-being and living conditions of thousands of people. We are humbled to work with DeZIM, a leading institute in this field.

With our data collection module Gertrude, the client can design surveys for residents and the administration of the refugee accommodations.

The survey can be designed to meet different safety regulations and requirements in different federal states. The questions can be set up in multiple languages and increase accessibility.

The data gathered from the surveys are visualized on a dashboard based on our Florence module.

The visualized indicators show the quality of the accommodations, their safety, and the overall well-being of the refugees. Other parameters focus on the accommodation administration's quality of care and efficiency.

The tool sends out the surveys at scheduled intervals to ensure that the parameters are continuously updated.

Each accommodation has different surveys for different areas, such as financials, safety, and accommodation quality. Up to 10 different surveys are sent out on different schedules.

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