We want a world where data is used in a socially responsible way.

Our mission is to make data science an integral part of public and social sector decision-making:
Data at the service of the public good.

We develop impact-oriented data solutions.

We create data products for more effective decision-making at the intersection of social science, data science, and software development.

Modular tools are the foundation of our solutions.

We build scalable and secure solutions by combining modules and processes: data collection, data pipelines, machine learning, and data visualization.

We make data work in the service of the public good.

The public sector, welfare organizations, foundations, research institutes, and social businesses want to leverage data and data products to elevate their impact. We are committed to supporting them on this journey.

We are the Social Data Science Company.

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As an interdisciplinary team, we want to use our skills to create impact. We are socially engaged, driven, and mindful. Together we strive to build better products and, in the process, become the best social scientists, data scientists, and software developers we can be.

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