We support organizations in utilizing the potential of their data. With our workshops, we jointly develop strategies and roadmaps which can be used for the development of your organization.

(Data-) Infrastructure

Transformation of the (data-) infrastructure as the basis for data-driven processes

The importance of data is constantly increasing. Organizations typically have an enormous amount of data spread across different systems, formats and locations. In order to use the full potential of data for your organizations, data silos need to be broken down and a sustainable infrastructure needs to be implemented in your organization. A well-organized infrastructure simplifies the collection, management and administration of your data and reduces redundant processes.

NLP / Machine Learning

Using unstructured text data as a data source

90% of all data is unstructured: Documents, publications, reports, web pages, job postings and many more. These data sources offer immense potential to simplify processes, measure impact and generate knowledge. With the help of machine learning, we can structure this data and make it usable for its organizational context.

Data Communication

Making data tangible

Different types of data communication are considered and discussed in relation to your organization. On the one hand, good data communication can be directed to your own employees in order to be able to make evidence-based decisions. On the other hand, quantifiable success stories can be communicated to external stakeholders. The key is to get it in the right form.

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